Well Being Thermal Underwear
Pierre Yves Fashion bvba
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium


Wind, rain, cold, hail, snow, storms: winter in the our country.

It's unpleasant enough for those having to brave it in the mornings and evenings, commuting between the office and home. It's even worse for those without an office, for road construction workers, gardeners, park keepers, farmers, forestry workers, in short, for everyone working outdoors. For them the winter means a full-on attack on their health. Regularly, or frequently, being in damp and cold conditions without protection can indeed have bad side effects. Respiratory disorders, muscle discomfort, back problems, rheumatism. Problems that put a dampener on the fun at work and that can certainly affect motivation. Fortunately problems like that are easily avoided. With the right clothing, starting with the right underwear. This is because underwear forms the basis of good body protection. Only when underwear keeps the body warm and dry can the clothes on top offer effective protection.
Especially for the professions working in all weathers Well-Be-Tex proposes three basic undergarments in a choice of colours.

Well-be-tex Thermal underwear

Well-Be-Tex, imported and exclusively distributed by Pierre Yves Fashion from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, offers a compact range of extremely efficient, protective underwear - a market segment requiring considerable research and special knowledge of materials. Just like with outer garments, adapted underwear should also satisfy certain requirements. It should be soft and kind to the skin. It should not restrict the wearer's movements and should be comfortable. It should preserve the body temperature and at the same time absorb and expel moisture.
The protective underwear from Well-Be-Tex offers only advantages.
The large capacity for absorption, the high levels of permeability and insulation not only protect health but also provide great comfort. Wearing appropriate underwear in the winter has a positive impact on work performance. That is not only good for staff, but also of course for the company itself.