Well Being Thermal Underwear
Pierre Yves Fashion bvba
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Under normal conditions a healthy person's body is at a constant temperature of 37°C. The body has different mechanisms to keep this temperature stable.
Normally the combination of outer and undergarments allows body heat to be maintained.
When performing physical activity while wearing winter clothing the body warms up and in this case the body gets rid of excess heat by increasing blood circulation to the extremities of the body and via PERSPIRATION to avoid overheating. Sweat evaporates, having a cooling effect. The sweat, however, does not disappear immediately and the person concerned can start to shiver.

Well-Be-Tex Thermal can help to avoid this and increase comfort levels.
In order to keep the body temperature at the right level during outdoor activity in winter weather it is recommended to wear underwear that stores perspiration away from the skin allowing body temperature to be regulated and avoiding the cold feeling caused by damp undergarments.

There are different types of thermal underwear, ranging from a simple ‘heavy’ fabric, special compositions, brushed interlock, to extremely sophisticated and expensive ‘technical’ materials used mostly by athletes.
For outdoor work Well-Be-Tex Thermal underwear is quite sure the best compromise.

Composition: Acrylic / Polyester
Acrylic absorbs moisture easily, is a good insulator, feels cool on the skin and expels moisture.
Polyester microfibres are thin, soft and long-lasting. With normal care this material is not subject to ‘pilling’, does not fade and has a pleasant feel to it.

Models: Well-Be-Tex is one of the only brands offering both short and long sleeved
T-shirts and a coordinated long john. Businesses usually opt for long sleeves.

Use: Well-Be-Tex Thermal is the most versatile winter underwear available. It keeps you really warm and expels moisture sufficiently. This makes it more interesting than products scoring well on just one of these two important criteria, such as wool or cotton for example. The cost of this underwear is also an important factor for those responsible in companies for purchasing underwear for their employees.

Interesting sectors for Thermal underwear:
- Building industry - Ship building - Transport: Roads- Railways – Waterways - Air
- Postmen/women - Police - Petrochemical - Military staff - Athletes - Care workers
- Earthworks / Roadworks
- Port enterprises - Postering - Cable layers - Garages - Waste collection - Homes for the elderly
- Waterworks - Carwash - Metal construction - Breakdown services - Agricultural companies
- Ship Chandler - Clearance - Maintenance - Urban services / landscaping
- Horticulture - Media lighting - Tent hire - Equestrian - Shipping - Shipyards
- Scrap yards - Road signals / marking - Abattoirs - Caving
- Vehicle recovery – Telecommunications - Lifts - Removals - …..and so many more.