Well Being Thermal Underwear
Pierre Yves Fashion bvba
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Working outside in the cold and damp is no joke and can often lead to illness or discomfort.
The Well-Be-Tex winter underwear provided by your company will bring significant improvement. The underwear is extremely soft and kind to the skin, the material is supple so it does not restrict movement.
Its specific composition and molton interior gives it a high level of insulation so that body temperature can be maintained. It is also absorbent and highly permeable, allowing the body to stay dry (cotton underwear holds onto moisture and gives a cold feeling).

It is of course important that you, the user, look after the underwear correctly. It is also recommended to wear a close body fit. A T-shirt worn too loosely for example will not perform at its best.
Washing instructions (important for a normal lifespan)
• Machine washable at 40°C – normal washing detergent
• Do not use solvents
• It is not recommended to dry in the tumble dryer - this can cause shrinkage. It is best to dry it on a washing rack or the good old washing line.
• Do not iron – you will also see that this is not necessary.

The knitted fabric is very stretchy and perfect to provide a close body fit.
In terms of size we recommend:

Chest measurement (cm & inch) 93-100 (36-40") 101-108 (40-43") 109-116 (43-46") 117-124 (46-49") 125-133 (49-52")
  32 34 36/38 40/42 44/46


Hip measurement (cm & inch) 82-90 (32-36") 91-99 (36-39") 100-108 (39-43") 109-117 (43-46") 118-126 (46-50")
  32 34 36/38 40/42 44/46

Well-Be-Tex Thermal is the ideal underwear for people who work outdoors or who regularly go inside and out such as chauffeurs, warehouse workers, etc…

We hope you enjoy your Well-Be-Tex Thermal underwear.

Well-Be-Tex stands for quality and comfort at a correct price.